10 Clever Mascara Tricks Every Woman Should Know!

What would any woman do without mascara?

This cosmetic product allows ladies to beautify the look of the eyes and face without much trouble, from ancient Egypt until today.

If you want to use this product to its maximum, remember this 10 little tricks that serve professional make-up artists.

1.Apply mascara as you look downwards. This takes a little practice and a steady hand, but the push-up effect of your eyelashes will amaze you!

2.Apply the first coat of mascara before you put any make-up on your face. Your lashes will look better probably because during make-up, they pick up so much powder and shadows, so the mascara can’t give entirely its effect.

3.Apply the final layer of the mascara at the end of your make-up routine.

4.Apply 2 layers of mascara and when the layers are dry, apply mascara at the ends of your lashes. The final result will be sexy catty eyes.

5.If you don’t have any of your eye pencil, you can apply mascara to your eyelids. You can’t apply with the mascara brush because that can be dangerous for your eyelid. Instead, use a q tip, a small lip brush or the brush from the eyeliner you have just finished.

6.We borrowed this trick from Emma Watson. Do not “make-up” (see what I did here) the mistakes that you have made when applying mascara with make-up remover. Instead, dab liquid powder on a q tip and adjust the mistakes that you made.

7.Waterproof mascara, as well as glue on the lashes is best and most quickly removed with baby oil.

8.You can always prolong the life of your dried mascara with few eye drops.

9.Give volume to thin lashes so that you rub with mascara brush on both sides.

10.Do not forget to change your mascara every 3 months! Your eye health is more important than anything!

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