The 10 fit trends that will triumph in 2017

With the arrival of the New Year, it is inevitable to look back and check all the important things of a year that we already look in the rear view mirror. But it is more for us to look ahead and talk about what is going to be a trend. From what will interest you and make you sweat in 2017.

And  this year there is a word that technology is going to be very related to the world of fitness.Or rather, gadget. And we do not say it because we love to go out and connect the heart rate or synchronize the music with our rhythm without realizing it. So say the experts. As every year, The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has published the top 10 of next year’s fit trends.

And the rest, what? One clue: these are preferences that “reflect strong consumer interest in strength training and functional fitness,” as Walter R. Thompson, lead author of a study of more than 1,800 fitness and health professionals. All of them have been raised 42 different themes, but only 10 have been crowned as the next kings of 2017. Have you made your bet? Well, it’s time to find out whether or not you’re right:

1.Gadgets: They are part of our daily life to communicate, to make the purchase, to reserve tickets, download the latest hits or control the pulsations. Because yes, technology is an extension of our body and when it comes to sweating it was not going to be less. We love having control and motivation in our heart rate meters, smart watches and apps. The same as this year will be our main ally fit.

2.Training with your own weight: It is affordable and feasible since you just need your body, can you ask for more? Perhaps for that reason he is in second position. We are sure that the year that is about to begin will cause you to succumb to the basics of the gym as the pushups or dominated.

3.High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): The HIIT training formula is as simple as it is effective: very short physical activity exercises followed by short rest periods. A real fat burning.

4.Qualified Professionals: Before placing yourself in the hands of a professional it is important to ensure that you are a qualified person and that, as such, uses healthy methods. Our recommendation is that you put yourself in the hands of licensed instructors for example in Physical Activity and Sport or in Human Nutrition and Dietetics that do know what they speak and can help you.

5.Strength Training: This year you will enter the weight room like never before because strength training will continue to be a must in your fit routine. As ACSM recalls, “incorporating strength training is essential in a comprehensive program for all types of physical activity in both sexes.” Tss, tss, to balance the balance, it is just as important to incorporate routine aerobic and flexibility exercises. Do not forget!

6.Group Workouts: There is nothing like sharing class, music, weights, steps and sweating with other people. So we motivate each other and we see that we are not the only ones who want to reach a goal. That’s why group-led professional training have slipped into the top 10 of fit 2017 trends.

7.Sport is health: And we do not say it for saying. This is how it has been christened a global initiative that aims to encourage health professionals to include in their recipes two magic words: practicing sports.

8.Yoga: All the modalities of this ancient tradition will continue to reign in the living room of the house, in the parks, the beaches or in the gym rooms. Power Yoga, Yogalates, Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Kripalu, Anurara or Sivananda will not come out of our diaries or that we want. Namasté.

9.Personal training: And from group training to more personalized attention. That will be another key of 2017: to exercise our body following the advice and recommendations of an expert who knows (and very well) every muscle in the body. Someone who knows what suits us and what to achieve the desired goal: a healthy and toned body.

10.Exercise and weight loss: And to close the top ten, a classic. You know that in addition to following a healthy and adequate diet, exercise is the key to achieving weight loss. Therefore, accredited professionals are increasingly in demand. And the reason is very simple: because they know how to incorporate exercises on a regular basis and reduce caloric intake in a healthy way. That is the most important.

Sources: Womenshealth

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