5 Reasons Why It Is Good To Eat Bacon

Bacon is the only food that is both salty and sweet.

Although this two flavors are completely different, when it comes question to bacon, they are perfectly blended to make this food very tempting.


Despite recent opinions, fat does not make you fat but carbohydrates do. Diets with low level of carbohydrates are recommended for keeping the normal body weight. Fats are the suppliers of energy to our bodies. Therefore, you can stay away from carbohydrates but you can eat bacon from time to time.

2.Perfect for a hangover.

Nothing can cure hangover as greasy bacon and cup of coffee can. I am telling you this from my personal experience.

3.Bacon is rich in vitamins.

I don’t know if you knew this, but there are two groups of vitamins. Vitamins that are soluble in fat and water soluble vitamins. So, because bacon is more that 50 percent fat, it is packed with essential B vitamins that are very important for our immune system and general health. Bacon contains 65 percent of the recommended daily intake of thiamine (vitamin B1), 47 percent of niacin (vitamin B3), 38 percent of vitamin B12 and 36 percent zinc. You can forget about your multivitamins and eat 100 grams of bacon today.

4.Bacon is rich in proteins.

The protein is a key component of a healthy diet and fortunately, bacon is super high in protein. Protein is a key ingredient to maintain a high level of energy, and also, is very important for your hair, nails and skin.

5.There’s a different kind of bacon for everyone.

When someone mentions bacon I always think of pork bacon. But what about the people who don’t eat pork? Problem solved. You can get a turkey bacon. This delicacy – bacon, in fact, can be obtained from any animal species. Believe it or not, there’s even duck bacon.

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