5 Simple Rules to Lose Weight in 10 Days Only by Drinking Water

How to lose a few kilos in 10 days?

Drink water! Yes, it is that simple.

Often the desire for water is mixed with food cravings and that is the main reason for obesity.

If you do not drink enough water, losing weight and cleansing the body it is impossible. So, if your summer mission was to reduce some weight, just follow these 5 rules.

250ml water on an empty stomach when you wake up

250-500ml water 1 hour before breakfast

100-200ml water after every cup of tea or coffee

250-500ml water 30 minutes before meals

300-600ml water 2 hours before bedtime

This trick is worth trying, because water will always be our number one priority. And this would never have adverse effects in some diets.

You will probably notice the first results after 10 days. So, for only 10 days it’s worth trying.

Of course, the diet must be healthy and with plenty of vegetables and fruits.

The great thing about this trick is that you will lose weight without skipping any meals.

What would happen to you if you place half lemon right next to your bed at night?

Everybody knows that lemon is an excellent source of vitamin C. We add it in tea, use it in cooking and use it as remedy for colds…

But almost no one is aware that if you put it next to your bed in the evening, there will be numerous benefits.

For example:

You will relax thanks to the citrus scent that relieves stress.

You can improve concentration and brain function.

You will wake up much happier because lemon is a powerful ally in the fight against depression.

The air in the room will be so much cleaner.

Those who suffer from high blood pressure will notice significant improvement and reduction.

Insects will no longer bother you.

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