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5 weight loss tips that are not ”mission impossible”

Lack of time, temptations … get your purpose without (much) effort!

Lack of time, desire, temptations in the shape of a cupcake … There are a thousand and one obstacles that makes us (very) difficult to lose a few pounds. That’s why we analyzed five common problems to give you the five most practical and fast solutions. And make excuses!

1.PROBLEM: You do not have the time or patience to eat “special” foods or to make complicated combinations.

SOLUTION: At mealtime, take your plate and fill half with vegetables, one quarter with meat and the other with bread, pasta, rice or potatoes. It’s as easy as that. If you take a snack between meals, combine some protein with carbohydrates, for example taking milk and fruit, nuts and bananas, or bread with cheese or tuna.

WHY IT WORKS: It all boils down to calories. By controlling rations, you automatically reduce your calorie intake.And filling the middle of the plate of vegetables you win because the vegetable has fewer calories. In contrast, meat and starches often have more calories. Of course, you have to make sure that the balance between these food groups is correct. Splitting the plate is the simplest solution.

2.PROBLEM: You always hit something out there.

SOLUTION: It really is not a problem (as long as you eliminate sweets, pizzas and other foods rich in saturated fats). It is best to have nuts, dehydrated fruit and whole-grain crackers on hand. They are ideal to be satiated and not spoiled if you keep them in a container.

WHY IT WORKS: It is important to eat something during the day, not only because of the energy and strength it gives you, but also to avoid bingeing at dinner. Remember that prepared snacks, pastries, sweets and chocolates will not give you lasting energy, and they are an excess of fat and calories.

3.PROBLEM: You do not have time to have breakfast.

SOLUTION: If you have a free minute between drying your hair and brushing your teeth, you have time. Try a fruit and a glass of skim milk, a cereal bar with a glass of skim milk, or a nonfat yogurt with a handful of nuts and dehydrated fruits.

WHY IT WORKS: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for the active people, as it gives you the energy to face the demands of the day. Start the day with a breakfast rich in protein and vegetable fibers. It will help you to keep sugar levels constant and to give energy to your metabolism.

4.PROBLEM: You do not have time to cook.

SOLUTION: Kitchen on the weekend. Choose a day when you can prepare all the meals you will need the rest of the week. Divide those meals into servings and freeze them. So, when you get home at night, you can choose what you want to eat and 15 minutes later you will have the dish on the table.

WHY IT WORKS: After a long and busy day, the last thing you want to do when you get home is to prepare dinner. So you end up eating what you find by hand, and that usually means unbalanced or precooked meals. This way you avoid it.

5.PROBLEM: You do not have time for the gym.

SOLUTION: A good starting point is to spend at least 30 or 45 minutes, twice a week, to exercise. If you do not have that time, try to move five minutes, four or five times a day. Try floor sit ups while watching TV, go up and down the stairs at least once a day, or avoid sitting down when you talk on the phone. Stand up and walk.

WHY IT WORKS: It’s a proven fact: Exercise helps you lose weight. Not only does it burn calories, it also helps you build up muscle mass which, in turn, speeds up your metabolism. And you lose pounds even faster.

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