6 Reasons Why You Should Eat Raisins In The Morning

Although some nuts are notorious for making to gain weight, if we include raisins in our breakfast we will get multiple benefits and an extra supply of vitamins and minerals.

The raisins serve for much more than to combat constipation. Believe it or not these little gifts of nature are a treasure trove of benefits for our health.

Dehydrated fruits, such as dried figs or dates, undergo a delicate drying process where they reduce their content in water to leave exclusively their most potent nutrients.

Just by seeing that dark tone already gives us a hint of its energy power and the high content of antioxidants contained in its exquisitely sweet pulp.

If we consume them in a balanced way and especially during the first hours of the day, our body will be greatly benefited.

We propose you to discover 6 reasons that will convince you of the need to include raisins in your breakfast.

Raisins reduce hypertension

Raisins help us reduce blood pressure and protect the health of our heart.

Something that is true and that we must be clear from the beginning is that raisins contain glucose.

The key to its benefits is regular consumption but always moderate.

If we take for example, a handful (about 25 g) of raisins a day we will benefit from its high potassium level very suitable to reduce blood vessel tension and lower blood pressure.

Also the dietary fiber of the raisins takes care of the biochemistry of the blood vessels and at the same time reduces its stiffness.

If you accompany your breakfast with this type of dry fruit in a good bowl of oats, you will face the day knowing that you take care of your cardiovascular health.

They are energetic and help us fight anemia

Raisins contain a considerable amount of iron capable of helping us to treat anemia.

They are also rich in B vitamins, essential for the formation of new blood.

The high copper content of the raisins also favors the proper formation of red blood cells.

On the other hand, we cannot forget that every good breakfast should be energetic and raisins are very rich in carbohydrates.

They will help you to purify your body

An interesting way to take full advantage of the natural virtues of raisins is to consume the water which is obtained after leaving them overnight to soak.

Although our organism has its own mechanisms for natural purification, one way to help in these processes is to make use of these remedies that optimize the liver and renal function.

Dare to try one day that water of raisins that is obtained after leaving them to soak and you will see the changes.

Goodbye to constipation

When raisins are ingested something amazing happens: they swell because of their content in insoluble fiber.

This natural process favors the movement of our intestines, while it purifies and mobilizes the feces for correct elimination.

In addition, when we suffer from diarrhea, this soluble fiber absorbs the liquid content to gradually heal these processes, while keeping us well nourished to combat these debilitating states.

The best way to take care of your bones in the morning

You will like to know that raisins, like dried figs are rich in calcium.

If you dare to add a handful of raisins in a white yogurt you will get adequate reserves of calcium to take care of your bone health.

In addition, these nuts are also one of the best sources of boron, a micronutrient that cannot miss in your diet. Also that boron is vital for good bone formation and care and help us to absorb calcium much better.

On the other hand, as we pointed out earlier, this dried fruit also contains a good amount of potassium.

Potassium is another essential nutrient that allows us to fight against osteoporosis and age-related joint degeneration.

They will allow you to have a more alkaline organism

An acidic organism is often expressed in skin and acne problems.

Arthritis gets worse, like uric acid, as well as the risk of kidney stones or cholesterol.

If we start to consume a handful of raisins in our breakfasts, we will get a very adequate supply of potassium and magnesium.

These two minerals act as mediators to achieve a more alkaline organism capable of neutralizing that acidity that often puts our health at risk.

So now, tell us … Have you already thought about what ingredient you are going to add to your breakfast from now on?

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