7 Simple and Healthy Habits You Should Master Before 35!

Teenagers can certainly enjoy massive greasy burgers complemented with fries and alcohol cocktails or sodas… generally speaking, any unhealthy food. Thousand calorie meals are not a problem for the young organism with fast metabolism.

Years pass by and you will realize that things are changing very quickly. It comes that time in your life that you just can’t recognize yourself in the mirror – that’s when you realize it’s time to start thinking about what you’re eating.

After 35, metabolism is not that fast as it was when you’re 20. And you must accept that. Stop questioning how you’ve managed to gain weight that quickly and start making healthier decisions today.

Say no to canned food

No matter how tempted you are, you should avoid consuming canned food. Canned food is not rich with nutrients, contains many calories and preservatives that increase your appetite. Also, it is very salty and causes water retention in the body. You can replace it with frozen – uncooked or fresh food.

Be your own chef

Do not give an unknown chef to prepare your meals. You be responsible for the things that enter your body. Plan every meal and make sure your meals are rich with every single nutrient.

Eat consciously

If someone asks you “What did you eat yesterday”? Can you remember every meal that you ate? Most people develop false beliefs about eating; they often think that they ate less and have no problem to eat extra food when they don’t actually need it.

Reduce sugars in half

For starters, reduce the sugar you put in your coffee. We all know coffee is a must on a week day, so if you drink coffee with two tablespoons sugar, cut one tablespoon. Make sure the desserts you eat are with smaller amount of sugar than before.

Drink water before you eat

Our body often thinks it’s hungry when in reality it’s thirsty. Next time when you feel hungry drink a glass of water and check if you are thirsty. If you’re hungry again, then you know it’s time for food.

Exercise minimum 2 times a week

Over the years muscles are decreasing while the adipose tissue is increasing. It’s good to exercise to maintain muscle. Also, with exercises you burn fat. If you don’t have money for the gym, you can train at your home or you can jog at the nearest park.

Reduce alcohol intake

Alcohol contains a lot of empty calories and also stimulates your appetite. Not only that will bring you a lot of unnecessary calories, but it will make you hungry for something greasy and unhealthy at the end of the night. If you can’t stay away from it, drink a glass of wine per day. Red wine regulates your blood pressure and it’s good for the heart. But remember, only a glass of wine PER DAY!

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