8 Signs You Are Having a Stroke and Might not Know It. Don’t Ignore These Signs

Your brain needs a constant supply of oxygen in order to function properly.

When an artery to the brain is blocked, it may start to bleed and increase the risk of a stroke. There are two kinds of a stroke – hemorrhagic and ischemic. Both kinds could result in death. Unfortunately, the early symptoms are ignored or hardly noticed. Strokes are one of the leading diseases in the United States, so being able to recognize the symptoms can save your life.

What are the early symptoms of a stroke?

Constant headaches and migraines 

One of the most common symptoms in the early stage of a stroke is a severe headache. Headaches are not always dangerous, but if the pain continues and if it develops quickly, visit your health care provider.


Chronic fatigue which lasts for a longer period of time, might be one of the warning signs of a stroke. This symptom is often disregarded, but needs serious attention.

The American Stroke Association advises learning the FAST acronym which will help you to recognize the symptoms of this life-threatening condition.

FAST stands for:

F – Face paralysis on one side

A- Arm numbness

S – Speaking difficulties (distorted speech)

T – Timing is crucial (if you notice these symptoms, seek medical attention without delay)

Vision problems in one eye only, blurred vision

If you are experiencing vision problems in one of your eyes, a stroke might be threatening you.

Brain fog and difficulty thinking clearly 

Strokes occur as a result of a problem with blood supply to the brain. The brain lacks oxygen which causes brain cells to die.

Dizziness and loss of balance 

These signs lead to trouble walking.

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