8 Unexpected BEAUTY BENEFITS of Sex

Should we trust celebrities like Demi Moore and Cameron Diaz when they claim that the secret of their beauty is sex?

We probably should because sex not only makes us feel good, but it is proven that it makes us more beautiful from head to toe.

Here are the 8 beauty benefits of sex:

-Sex burns calories. You are too lazy to go to the gym and workout? You don’t have to run away from your partner to get moving and sweat. 30 minutes of sweat burns about 85 calories. Maybe it seems like not too much calories, but in the long term sex is the most fun way to maintain the slim body.

-Sex gives you glowing skin. You won’t need 2 different types of face powder and blush to get your face the healthy glow. Sex improves skin circulation and brings more oxygen to the skin. So the result is a natural healthy-looking skin. Hormone oxytocin is released right before an orgasm and helps with restoring skin cells and maintain skin glow.

-Sex cures acne and cleanses pores. The passion between you and your partner causes sweating and with the sweat pores are cleaned of dirt. So have this in mind the next time you have sex. Don’t open the window or turn on air conditioner. Although there are no scientific studies that confirm this, many people believe that sex cleans the skin from acne.

-Sex prevents dry skin. Many women suffer from dry skin, especially those in menopause are often complaining that their skin is losing its quality and becomes lifeless and dry. It doesn’t matter if you are in you thirties or fifties, by improving circulation and increasing the levels of oxygen with regular sex, you can get rid of dry skin.

-Sex gives healthier hair and stronger nails. Astonishing, but true. Levels of estrogen are increased so sex affects the look of your hair by making it brighter. At the same time, the hormones who give glow to the skin, help strengthen your nails.

-Sex slows the aging process. DO NOT SKIP SEX IF YOU WANT TO LOOK YOUNGER. Sex helps against aging in several ways. First, it increases the amount of producing collagen and that reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Second, it reduces stress and thereby improves the appearance of your skin. Third, it is a great exercise that will help you to work on appearance of your body. It is scientifically proven that everyone will notice the positive effects of sex on your appearance. Many studies have shown that those who have regular sex look up to 10 – 12 years younger.

-Sex ensures you a good night sleep. Oxytocin, or also called love hormone, is released in your body during orgasm and it’s the main reason for the complete relaxation after sex. That is why sex leads you to deep and restful sleep.

-Sex makes you happy. During sexual intercourse the body produces endorphins, hormones which are in charge of you happiness. And we all know that there is nothing more attractive than the smile of a woman whose eyes shine of happiness. Happy women not only look more attractive, they also have desire to be more and more sexually active. In conclusion, happiness and sex form the closed golden circle. Have sex to be happy.

In addition, sex improves the cardiovascular health, increases your immune system, reduces pain, reduces the risk of prostate cancer and strengthens the pelvic muscles… I mean, do you need more reasons to have sex?

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