97% of Cancer Patients Have Had This Dental Intervention!

It is a very common dental procedure, almost all dentists say that is completely safe, despite the fact that scientists warn of high risk of the same procedure more than 100 years.

In the United States, more than 40 000 procedures per day are performed on patients. And every patient thinks that the procedure is safe and will permanently solve their problem.

This procedure is called nerve extraction of the tooth and every dentist approaches to this intervention in order to “save” the tooth from extraction.

Simply put, the root tooth is cleaned and sealed.

Although the tooth is “dead”, that kind of root can actually become incubator of highly toxic anaerobic bacteria. Those bacteria which does not need oxygen to survive, which under certain conditions can find the way to the cardiovascular system and cause a whole range of chronic diseases.

Most dentists ignored the results of recent researches that warn from potential risks of removing the root.

The most concerning fact is the possible link between cancer and this dental procedures. The fact that 97 percent of patients in the terminal, final stages of cancer had this dental intervention is frightening. And apparently, in most cases, the cancer appeared to the side of the body where the tooth nerves were extracted.

The authors of these researches believe that a better solution is extraction of the tooth than just nerve extraction.

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