Ancient Medicine: Make pressure on the right finger and get rid of panic, fear, stomach pain, headaches or insomnia

According to Jin Shin Jyutsu, a Japanese doctor who specialized ancient medicine, using the pressure on certain fingers you can get rid of pain, insomnia or a mental block.


Pressing the thumb should be enough to get rid of stomach problems and any discomfort in the abdominal area. Also, this way you will reduce anxiety, depression, sadness and anxiety.

Index finger – forefinger

If you have a problem with the bladder or kidneys, press the index finger. This way, you will also reduce tremors in the body; get rid of cramps, back pain and digestive problems.

Middle finger

You have a problem with your liver or nerves? Press the middle finger and hold it there for a while. This is a good way to get rid of the stress and uncertainty. You can improve your heart health, menstrual problems and headaches.

Ring finger

Help your lungs and digestive tract. You can also solve the problem of breathing and stress.

Little finger

Help your heart; get rid of nervousness and anxiety. Also prevent panic attacks, loneliness, bloating and problems with bones.

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