ATTENTION: The poisonous leaves of this plant you have in your home can cost you your life!

Most people agree that greener the home the better.

However, some plants are very dangerous and poisonous and mustn’t be present in your house.

Dieffenbachia is one of the favorite current plant inside our homes, although is dangerous.

If by any chances you have a taste of the leaves, can occur violent pains and within a week the person that was with touch with the leaves loses ability to speak. If the juice of this plant gets into your eyes can cause blindness. While dusting the plant you may experience redness and itching skin.

So if you have small children in your home it will be better if you get rid of this dangerous plant. As we all know, children can be naughty and disobedient, so even if you tell them to stay away from the plant or not to pick any of the leaves, they may not listen to you.

Those of you who possess dieffenbachia should be extremely careful especially if children are around, because the plant is deadly if consumed.

In case of poisoning, it is recommended to cleanse the mouth with cold, wet cloth and rinse the eyes. If a person comes into contact with this plant must be given milk and then immediately seek medical help.

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