This bothers many parents, a nutritionist gives the answer: Are you giving children too much fruit juice?

More and more parents are worried that children, when they are thirsty, looking for juice instead of water.

As children grow, grow and their need for liquid, so the child is accustomed to hydrate juices and drink a disproportionately large amount of calories. Juice is bad for the health and it’s first step child to become obese.

The American Academy of Pediatrics issued new guidelines for parents, according to which children under the age of one year shouldn’t drink fruit juices. The exception is, they say, can be done in the case of prison. How to find the right balance?

Babies or children younger than one year should not be given juice because at that age the child has basic liquid breast milk, infant formula or water. The introduction of solid foods like apples or peaches in the form of porridge a child is happy to get used to the sweet taste. Based foods are nutritionally valuable than juices because they contain fiber, and juices babies should not provide – says Jasna Vujicic, a nutritionist.

In addition to fruit juices for children, containing one hundred percent fruit, our interviewee points out that there are fruit nectars, which in fact have 50 percent of fruit, and in order to get adequate sweetness and flavor, they contain sugar, fructose-glucose syrup or sweeteners. Nectars are generally cheaper than fruit juices, and many parents are not educated enough about what they contain. The worst thing is a child to provide a refreshing non-alcoholic carbonated or still, beverages, which have only a small percentage of fruit are high in sugar or sweeteners.

I instant vitamin drinks are the evil that is rooted above all good advertising. They certainly should not be given to children. It is better to eat a handful of cherries or strawberries or other seasonal fruit, or to put it all in a blender, and given a real child squeezed juice – says our interlocutor.

Juices, parents often give children after their first birthday to make them easier to persuade to drink. But in addition to moisturizing, soft drinks contain calories, which leads to obesity, and if children do not have the habit to brush your teeth, can occur and tooth decay, regardless of what it is hundred percent fruit juice.

Our interlocutor points out that there are many alternatives to fruit juices and water is the healthiest.

– Sweet is a habit that is easy to acquire, but difficult to combat, and fruit juice is a product of the 20th century, which is not necessary neither children nor adults. You should not kids meal with each drink juice, not even every day. The first choice should be the juice from the juicer, and only

Then out of the carton. Nectars are not recommended for preschoolers and juice intake should be limited to about half a pint – says nutritionist.

Outsmart child to replace juice with water, but unobtrusive. Fruit juice diluted with water, gradually increasing the percentage of water and reducing the amount of juice.

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