How to Choose Bread That’s Actually Healthy, According to Nutritionists

Go to the supermarket to buy bread and the bread aisle seems endless; Multigrain, whole wheat, spelled …

The choice seems endless. Which is the best option?

Always choose products that include whole grain, because they will include bran, more fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals than the industrial versions. You don’t like the taste? Try a bread with other ingredients. Look for the label that includes whole barley, brown rice, whole oats or whole flax.

If you are worried about sugar, we suggest you to try the germinated grain instead of the traditional wheat versions with refined flour. In addition, germinated grains have completed their entire process, so they provide more vitamins, proteins …. Their carbohydrates are easier to digest, since their starches have already been broken down by enzymes.

Be careful with the labels. Always look for 100% on the label. Must have 16 grams of whole grain per serving. They don’t have to be “organic”, there are cheaper versions and just as healthy.

Don’t forget that the less ingredients, the better. Escape from artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. Avoid all additives you are not able to pronounce and partially hydrogenated oils. Tip: Read the label aloud. If you don’t understand it after a quick Google search, discard it. And we remind you again that fiber is crucial to your diet. It helps you feel satiated, stimulates healthy bowel movements and improves your intestinal health. Don’t run away from the bread.

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