Crunches Vs Planks: The Best Exercise For Ripped Abs

It’s the question we all ask ourselves.

Get in position: hold 40 seconds plank, the sweat slides down to your forehead, you are about to quit and that’s when you ask yourself: Wouldn’t it be better to do crunches? In fact, all the same. Both crunches and the planks are good for a flat stomach.

The difference between both lies in the number of muscles that are used to do each exercise. While using the plank you basically use the rectus abdominis and a little of the obliques. So stop thinking if one works more than another because the important thing is how effective you are in the movement.

The problem according to Helena Olsson, licensed in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences is that the musculature we deal with is often confused with isometric exercise. “The abdominals is the colloquial way of naming the rectus abdominis, the obliques (inner and outer) and the transverse. When we say we work the abs we can refer to all of them. Doing a plank will tone the abdominal area and more specifically, the transverse, which acts as a girdle. ”

The expert points out that “it is important to work to maintain a correct posture, prevent injuries and maintain a good muscle tone.”

To make a plank correctly, you have to focus on the abdomen although you also use almost all the muscles of the body, including those located along the spine, glutes, thighs, hips, chest, back and muscles of the shoulder. In this sense, working more muscles means not only seeing more toning but also burning more calories.

The plank is also usually better to avoid injury, because with the crunches there is more risk of injuring the neck or lower back.

Here are some tips that Olsson picks up to do these exercises correctly:

-Not by doing more repetitions you will obtain better results. Depending on what exercise, you can achieve more intensity with few repetitions and good control of breathing.

-Increases the difficulty of the exercises progressively.

-Planks should not be held too long, with 20 ” is enough and better if you changing position or exercise.

-Be careful of the lumbar, try to always be in contact with the ground.

-Remember to breathe, don’t do the exercises in apnea.

-Combine different exercises in your workout routines to do general strengthening.

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