CURE for your coughing and it’s not a PILL

Coughing and sneezing can actually switch your focus off, and make you unable to ‘survive’ the rest of the day.
Some people find it challenging to cope with their normal daily activities, plus no person wants to hug a coughing person.

Consistent coughing will keep you up all night. The problem gets worse when it affects kids because their immunity is still weaker and unable to deal with the virus that triggers colds.

If you speak with your doctor, you will possibly get a medication for a cough, as most doctors think it to be the only option to the discomfort. But, what they do not inform you is the truth that pharmaceutical solutions may trigger side effects and even severe problems when taken for too long.

Sleepiness, migraine, headache and fast heart rate are some of the side-effects you may address as a result of the traditional therapy. Opium and dextromethorphan are the two main components discovered in normal cough syrup. And you perhaps did not know it, right?

Look for natural treatments that feature raw honey and other effective ingredients. Try our honey and ginger wrap, and eliminate that stubborn cough immediately.

-1 tablespoon freshly grated ginger or ginger powder
-raw natural honey
-olive oil
You will also need a gauze, napkins and adhesive tape.

How to use the honey wrap?
– Stir the flour in your honey until well mixed.
– Drizzle in some olive oil, and add the ginger. Mix again.
– Transfer the paste-like mixture on a napkin and wrap the gauze around it.
– Secure it on your back or chest using an adhesive tape.

If you choose to prepare the honey wrap for your children, ensure it holds the wrap on for 3 hours before going to bed. Grownups can leave the wrap on through the night. Remember that such wraps will make you sweat more.

This all-natural honey wrap has no side-effects, but be more cautious when using it in children, because their skin is more sensitive.

The story of Rachel Lim

This mom used the popular wrap on her child, and she was more than just impressed with the outcomes. She changed the honey wrap treatment slightly and used tin foil.

The caring mom used coconut oil in place of olive oil, and also added some ginger juice to the blend.

As specified in her Facebook post, her baby constantly coughed at night, about 2-3 hours after it would go to sleep. She used the wrap on her baby, and let it do wonders for 4 hours.

Lim says that her baby recovered, and stopped sobbing and whining throughout the night. The phlegm or the basal blockage were gone. The honey wrap helped her baby fight a cough and get an awesome relief.

Ginger and honey have been extensively used for their recovery properties. Now that people are becoming aware of their potency, it is time for you to use these wraps too.

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