How to eliminate underarm flab and back fat?

Having excess fat on your underarms and back is unappealing, and some women even consider this to be their worst nightmare, and the worst part of it is that it is very difficult to remove it.

Some fitness experts guarantee that this is the worst type of fat, just because it is so difficult to get rid of, even with exercises that are specially designed to target it. But, while it is difficult, it is not impossible, and these four exercises that you can do from the comfort of your own home will help you remove this problem and look amazing.

These exercises are very powerful, and they can be combined with cardio workouts. Most of the exercises usually aim towards the mid-section or the front part, but rarely they focus on the back. Exercises that will remove the fat from your underarms and back:

Crisscross reverse fly – you need to separate your legs at shoulders’ width and then twist your knees. Then, place your face downward and twist your abdomen forward, close to 90 degrees. Then take the weight in your hands and then curve them at the elbows. Place your palms so that they can face each other and then lift the hands under your shoulders. You need to make 10 repetitions in three sets for each one.

Push and touch – you need to place yourself in a resting position, stretching your arms and elevating them overhead. Then take your weights and face your palms forwards and stretch your arms on the sides. Raise them to the same height of your shoulders and then over your head. Then return to the starting position and make six repetitions in three sets.

Elbow kiss – you need to spread your arms on the sides at shoulder length, and then put your palms um, making them face toward the ceiling while overlaying your arm at the elbows. Then swing both hands to the front, and they will need to touch the sides of their lower arms. Then return to the starting position. You need to make ten repetitions in three sets.

Bend-over – place the legs at shoulder width and then bend over forwards. Take a dumbbell and move it towards the opposite hand, using one hand at a time, and then move it back. It is important for the neck to be extended, and that you move it in a circular motion. You need to make 10 repetitions in three sets.

Follow the instructions from the video:

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