Exercise to Improve Your Body Posture

One of the components of our health that we can improve with exercise is our stance.

Although our body has infinite possibilities of movement and our joints can be placed in multiple positions, we have a reference position that allows us to maintain joint health.

In this position of reference is fundamental the position of our spine. It must remain in the neutral position as a general rule.

There is lumbar lordosis (the curve inwards), dorsal kyphosis (the outward curve) and cervical lordosis again (the curve inwards), and when these curves increase or decrease their degrees, the risk of injury increases considerably. In many cases it’s caused by the weakness of different muscles such as the abdominals, obliques, transverse or buttocks in the case of the lumbar area; By the lower trapezius ridges and column extensors in the case of the dorsal column or by the deep neck musculature in the case of the cervical.

Another of the key structures for our posture is the pelvis, which is intimately tied to the position of the spine. Especially at the lumbar level, since it’s supported in the pelvis with the sacred bone. In this sense, all the muscles that control the pelvis have to function properly. Buttocks, hamstrings, anterior quadriceps, lumbar, abdominal, oblique etc.

The other fundamental structure in our posture is the shoulder girdle. It refers to the area of ​​scapula, clavicles and rib cage are key to having good postural health at both dorsal and cervical level. In this sense it is essential to have an adequate functioning of the muscles that control the shoulder blades. Trapezoids, serrates, rhomboids, etc. require a specific job.

Finally, it’s important to note the importance of proper alignment of the hip, knee and ankle joints. And we have to take it into account every time we crouch, climb a step or pedal on a bicycle.

To work the posture, the best strategy is the pilates technique, because it focuses on body awareness and strengthens the different muscles responsible for keeping that posture stable. Other alternatives may be yoga or swimming, although it’s always advisable to put in the hands of a qualified personal trainer.

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