She Lost Her Eyelashes After a Bad Extension Job and Now has Inflamed Eyelids

Thick, long and curly eyelashes are every girl’s dream. Many women go to beauty salons just to do their eyelashes.

When this girl entered the beauty salon of Emma Djanal she was desperate and the owner of the salon was terrified of what she saw.

Emma Dhanjal posted a pic on her Facebook page and wrote: “PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do your research. This poor girl has been left with extremely damaged natural lashes.”




Miss Emma said that the girl’s eyelashes were extremely damaged and were falling out with just touching with the tweezers.



This girl wanted great eyelashes for her birthday, but that was impossible because she has been left with no lashes. Miss Dhanjal said that her client also had inflamed eyelids and she has had to see her doctor for an eye infection.

“Her lashes can never be the same” – she wrote.

The beauty artist with 7 years’ experience said that this should never happen to somebody’s eyelashes and also, don’t be scared to do an eyelash extension, just do a little research up front. She also says that extensions can be applied for a couple of years without having a break and without any side effects.

So ladies, before you go to the beauty salon or wherever, make sure you know something about your next eyelash artist.

Since the beauty artist shared this pic on Facebook, 2000 hit the “shock” button at the post and many of them shared their own experiences and horror stories.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Miss Dhanjal recommended :

You must read the reviews and check if they are good.

Also, you don’t need to be scared of having your eyelashes done, but you must be careful with the prices, you get what you pay.

This shouldn’t happen, and won’t in most places – says Miss Dhanjal.

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