Find out how lemons dissolve kidney stones!

Kidney stones are considered to be one of the most painful medical conditions that an individual can experience because the pain that these tiny stones can cause can be debilitating and excruciating.

People that are prone to kidney stones, can use lemon juice and lemon to treat this condition. Lemons have the ability to dissolve kidney stones and they will also eject them easily and without too much pain. If you want to find out how to prepare the natural remedy that can help you with this problem, we suggest that you continue to read.


  • One-third of a lemon
  • One glass of water

How to prepare it:

The first thing that you need to do is to boil the glass of water, and then leave the water to cool down. Then add the lemon and divide this mixture into 3 parts.

How to use it:

You need to consume it in the morning, after you wake up, on an empty stomach, then in the afternoons and then at night before you go to sleep. This therapy needs to last for 10 days. For the next 10 days, drink water with lemon juice, once every day.

Additional tips

Twice a week during the treatment, take a mixture of 60 grams of oil and lemon juice from half a lemon. After 18 to 20 days, the stones will decay and they will be thrown out.

You can also practice a vegetarian diet for three or four days. Then, starve for three days and drink 12 cups of hot water every day. The hot water needs to have fresh lemon juice, squeezed from one-quarter of a lemon. This way, you will be able to remove the kidney stones painlessly and quite easily.

In case you just want to use lemons to treat kidney stones, you can drink freshly squeezed lemon juice for a day, whenever you feel thirsty. You need to take six lemons and squeeze the juice out of them. It is also recommended that while doing this, to warm your feet, by wrapping them in a warm blanket.

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