Find Out What Woman’s Sleeping Position Reveals About Her Personality

Getting a good night’s sleep is very important for your health.

When you are sleeping, your body heals and repairs. We all know that sleeping gives you energy, but did you know that your sleeping position reflects some of your personality traits?

Find out the details.

Here you have a list of the most common sleeping positions that say something about your character:

  • The Fetal Position

If you sleep curled, with your knees bent and drawn towards the stomach, it means that you want to comfort yourself. You prefer to stay in your comfort zone. These women have a tough exterior, but they are really soft on the inside. Actually, they often lack self-confidence and sometimes their self-doubt is holding them back.

  • Side Sleepers

Women who sleep straight on one side by keeping their arms extended downward have excellent social skills. They are very friendly, open-minded and easy-going and people trust them. They are very charismatic people who enjoy social gatherings.

  • The Yearner

If you sleep with your legs slightly bent and your arms stretched forward, it means that you are a cynical person. People don’t trust you.

  • The Soldier

If you prefer sleeping in this position, it means that you are a calm and quiet person. These women are very ambitious. You support the motto actions speak louder than words. Doctors say that this position is good for your back and neck.

  • Freefall

Sleeping on your stomach and your arms holding the pillow, shows that you are an extrovert. Sometimes, you can be very impulsive. These women hate being criticised.

  • The Starfish

As the name itself says, this position is described as spreading your legs and arms. These women are great listeners and people enjoy their company. They are very loyal and there is nothing that they wouldn’t do for their friends and family.

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