Get Rid of Muscle Pain with these 9 Natural Relaxers

Today’s life, full of obligations, stress and sedentary work produces endless problems in health. In the case of the muscles, the ones that are tighter are those of the neck, the shoulders and the cervical ones, basically for being many hours sitting in front of the PC. So you do not have to resort to medical treatments, you can take advantage of the goodness of plants to relax.

A lot of pain

That is what generates life in the city today. We can make a great list with all the problems caused by spending 8 or more hours in an office in an incorrect position, without contact with the sun, eating badly, loading the weight of the obligations, the accounts, etc. Also, the stress does not allow us to sleep well, generating more contractures and pains.

Cervical or neck pain, which barely moves the head is one of the most frequent today. The sensation “low” until the whole back, the lumbar, the hip, in short, the whole body hurts. While you can go for a massage, put on a hot compress or sit in a more comfortable chair, the muscles will take “back to normal”, because they are too mistreated. Therefore, you can add natural herbs to your plan to keep away the muscle pains.

Generally, they are consumed like infusion, to be able to generate not only an improvement in the state of the muscles but also that tranquility reaches the brain, to the stomach, to all the organs. You can rest better, let go of the pain and be more efficient.

Fortunately, there is a great list of natural treatments to be able to reverse the muscle soreness that bothers you. And the good thing is that they have almost no side effects, being much safer than medicines, although it is true that their effectiveness takes a little longer to become plausible. If you want quality and set aside the pains, then you can add these medicinal herbs in your day to day.

Keep in mind that it is also necessary to take a healthy and balanced diet so that the muscles are less contracted. It is necessary that every day we consume 1500 mg of calcium, 1500 mg of magnesium, 99 mg of potassium and 3000 mg of vitamin C.

The Best Natural Muscle Relaxants

Rosemary: it is a very used spice in the kitchen, to give flavor and aroma to many dishes. It offers many health benefits, especially for relaxation. You can make a dip bath by diluting a little rosemary to relieve menstrual cramps or muscle spasms. Also, you can massage the joints with Rosemary essential oil. Hot compresses in sore or inflamed areas reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

Valerian: used for hundreds of years to relieve tension in the neck, has a great sedative effect to control anxiety and sleep disorders. You can make an infusion of valerian or a tea, and also consume some natural pills in dietetics because this plant has a strong smell and not entirely pleasant.

Roman chamomile is the “tranquilizer par excellence”, one of the best known and recommended. It is used to treat muscle pain but also for menstrual disorders, tension, headache, anxiety, stress, nerves, etc. It relaxes muscles that are tense and offers its anti-inflammatory properties to relieve cramps.

Catnip is a plant native to Europe, within the mint family, which has been planted in North America and Asia. It is used as a natural sedative and at the same time a muscle relaxant. Help reduce swelling in the joints, relieves tension headaches, cures soft tissue injuries, among other properties.

Cayenne Pepper: It is widely used in homes for cooking recipes and has been proven to be more than effective in relieving and treating pains caused by muscle cramps effectively and quickly.

Radish: Used since ancient times in its spicy version to relieve muscle tension, which includes cramps and pains. It is necessary to get or make the essential oil of radish, which is mixed with hot water for a dip or massage with it.

Serpol is a plant similar to thyme, with great ability to naturally relax muscles, due to its essential oils. You can consume all the desired cups per day.

Passiflora: also known as Passionflower flower is very beautiful to the eye and you will think that it is even more beautiful when you find out all its properties, especially by the fact that its petals contain phytosterols and flavonoids, both of antioxidant effects. In turn, it has alkaloids, essential oils and other compounds for a relaxing and analgesic action. It is used for cases of insomnia, muscle contracture, stress, anxiety, nervousness, etc. It can be drunk as an infusion.

Lavender: a really beautiful bluish-purple flower that has many properties for various diseases or ailments. Lavender flower oil, for example, is known as one of the most effective natural muscle relaxants. It is necessary to massage the painful area with circular movements to increase blood circulation. Then a hot shower to relax the mind and body, getting the ability to muscles to rest and heal.

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