Oral Health: How to maintain your teeth health? Stop doing these things!

Regular washing and flossing is not enough to preserve the appearance and the health of your teeth. Small everyday habits can ruin your teeth without you knowing it. Some habits show its negative effect immediately, like breaking your tooth, and some destroy your teeth slowly and unnoticeable.

To maintain your dental health, make sure you get rid of these following habits:

Stop using your teeth as scissors.

So many people use their teeth for splitting a piece of adhesive tape; open the chocolate, cutting thread… Even if you are lucky to not make any visible damage to the teeth, such procedures can cause tiny cracks on the surface and the tips of the teeth. Frequent use of teeth as an auxiliary tool can lead to their distortion. Don’t be lazy and go find your scissors!

Brushing your teeth using pressure.

You may think that the strong brushing will contribute to their more thorough cleaning, but the truth is that the pressure can only harm the teeth. Besides strong brushing, use a brush with hard fiber destroys tooth enamel and increases the sensitivity of your teeth.

Nibbling pencils and pens.

We all have done that! But you must stop doing it! If you notice that you have such a habit, pay attention and try to eradicate it, because it can cause damage to your teeth enamel and teeth cracking. Just think how many bacteria has the surface of the object you’re putting in your mouth.

Lemon sucking.

Sucking a slice of lemon is useful because this fruit is an amazing source of vitamins, but on the other hand if you do this regularly can be harmful for your teeth. The lemon acid leads to an erosion of the enamel and as a result, the tooth surface becomes smooth. Dentists recommend lemon and orange juices to stay as little as possible in your mouth. It’s best for your teeth health to drink them with a straw.

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