After years of research: Jamie Oliver discovered fourteen super foods for a long and healthy life

The famous British chef Jamie Oliver visited almost whole world to find out which foods are best for us and allows us longer and healthier living.

After visiting many countries, such as Costa Rica, Japan and Greece, he compiled a list of fourteen ‘’super foods’’ which include mainly simple products that are easy to find in local supermarkets and markets.

“We are not talking here about the juice of goji berries or something like that. You should prepare your meals with simple ingredients. The best meals I tried made were from simple ingredients – said the British chef.”

He also recommended eating less meat; drink more water and never skipping breakfast. “When I traveled around the world, I have met people who have had a long and productive life. And they all ate rich and strong breakfast.”

Jamie Oliver is one of the best chefs in the world. He is famous British celebrity chef known for his food television shows, cookbooks and campaigns for better food educations.

More recently he started his biggest campaign known as “Food Revolution”. This campaign is fighting to put practical food education on the school curriculum.

Jamie Oliver’s goal is to line every community up as an example for the rest of the country to follow and begin a series reaction of American citizens eating healthier.

The list of recommended fourteen “super foods”:

Eggs (a source of protein, vitamins D, A, B2 and B12, folic acid and iodine)

Goat milk (calcium, protein and vitamins)

Fish (omega 3 fatty acids)

Batata – sweet potato (vitamins A, B5 and B6)

Herbs and vegetables (magnesium and folic acid)

Tofu (eight essential amino acids, iron and calcium)

Walnuts (copper, folic acid and magnesium)

Black beans (fiber, iron, folic acid and magnesium)

Fresh fruits (every fruit has different vitamins)

Algae (iron and vitamin B12)

Wild rice (fiber, magnesium and phosphorus)

Garlic (vitamins C and B6, manganese, selenium and other antioxidants)

Prawns (magnesium, zinc and selenium, vitamin B12)

Hot peppers (vitamins A and C and antioxidants)

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