Low blood pressure in one minute, cure a tumor and clean your liver in a day with beets

Beetroot or beet is a plant food, reach of vitamin A, C as well as some minerals, dietary fiber and various nutrients.

Regularly consuming beets decreases the risk of obesity, overall mortality, diabetes, and heart disease and promotes a healthy complexion and hair, increased energy, and overall lower weight.

It is especially important to include in your diet if you are suffering from high blood pressures, since it successfully helps to decrease it.

Consuming a glass of beet juice daily helps relax blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. To enhance its effect we recommend the following ingredients:
-3 beets

-2 apples

-2 stalks of green celery

-A small piece of ginger root

-A garlic clove

Wash all the ingredients very well,and blend them. Drink this mixture every day.

Prevents tumor formation: beet flavonoids work by reversing the formation of cancer cells. The ideal to strengthen its effect is to link it to other natural ingredients with a similar effect. This recipe is great for cancer prevention:

-A medium beet

-A carrot

-An Apple

-A cup of water and some ice

Clean the ingredients, slice them and proceed to liquefy until they form a homogeneous shake.

Detoxifies the liver: the beet has the ability to reduce bile and strengthen liver function, also reduces the accumulation of heavy metals from that organ.

For liver protection make the following recipe:
-A big beet

-A big lemon

Add the lemon juice to the beetroot previously washed and chopped, liquefy until a thick, homogeneous mixture and enjoy in the taste.

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