How Many Eggs Is It Really Safe to Eat Per Week?

Some of us proclaim ourselves to be true egg addicts.

Whether in the form of an omelette, with a toast and an avocado or a hard-boiled egg with a dash of olive oil and spices, this food can become the healthy extra of the day. But, despite their good intentions, including several eggs a week makes us wonder how good it is.

Three years ago, the taboo about the consumption of this food and the risk of causing cholesterol took a 180-degree turn. A comparative analysis of 8 studies published in the British Medical Journal showed that, except in diabetic subjects, there is no direct relationship between consumption of one egg per day and increased cardiovascular risk.

“Saturated fats-animal, such as bacon … – and industrial baked goods and fried and roasted industrial products, seem more malignant than the poor cholesterol in the egg. In addition, eggs are rich in protein and cheap which is relevant in these times, ” according to the scientists.

But where is the limit?

As explained by nutritionist Victoria Avilés, from the Nutrition Support Unit of the Hospital Vall d’Hebron in Barcelona, people who don’t suffer from some health problem can consume 5 eggs per week perfectly. Of course, as the expert points out, as long as they are included in a healthy and balanced diet.

Because there is the turning point: Knowing how to prepare the egg.

“A boiled egg or an omelette is not the same as a fried egg. In fact, a fried egg doubles the number of calories in a cooked one, “explains nutritionist.

Therefore, if in a boiled egg or an omelette we add a little vegetable, a salad or a slice of bread with avocado, this food doesn’t have to disappear from the kitchen.

The conclusion?

If you like to eat eggs to life – literally – do it, but always in its most healthy version.

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