What does it mean if the lines on your hands are overlapping?

The palms can say much about you and your personality. If you are curious, we can show you what the lines on your palms mean.

Hand prediction or palm reading is a way to learn the personality of a person, future, and fortune by analyzing her/his hands. It is a method that is also called Chiromancy.

It is a method that has originated in ancient India, and it was used by the Romans to forecast their future. The aim of this method is to predict the future of the man or women and read their palm in order to evaluate their character.

It focuses on the union line. Here is what the lines mean:

In case they are joined or at the same height – this means that you are generally a compassionate and gentle person, that has a stable character. Your partner will probably be someone who your family and friends will absolutely love.

The line on your right hand is bigger when compared to the left – this means that you are a person that is smart, and the elderly people love you. Also, people that are older than you find you attractive, and there is 70 percent chance of marrying a person that is older than you are.

The line on the left is higher than your right – it means that you are not weak, and you are an individual that has good looks. There are high chances of marrying a partner that is younger than you. Also, there is a probability that your partner might be a person that you have never met before.

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