This Natural Remedy Boosts Your Immune System and Treats Colds and the Flu

The season of colds and the flu has reached its peak.

Your body needs nutrients to help your immune system fight viruses and bacteria. The immune system has an important function. We experience recurrent or chronic infections only when the immune system is weak. A healthy immune system is important for your overall health. A balanced diet, physical exercise, and stress management help you improve your immune system.

How to boost your immune system?

  • Fruits and vegetables should be part of your daily diet.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Keep your weight in check.
  • Be physically active every day.
  • Reduce your alcohol consumption.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Getting enough sleep is very important.
  • Practice stress-relieving techniques such as yoga, meditation, and deep breathing.

Implement these things in your lifestyle. Also, this immune-boosting drink treats colds and the flu. It is completely natural and makes you feel better in a few minutes.

Here’s the recipe

You will need 3 tablespoons of organic honey, 1 teaspoon of honey, 2 tablespoons of unrefined coconut oil, and lemon juice.

Preparation method 

First, melt the coconut oil. Then, add it to the rest of the ingredients.

When to consume it? 

Once you notice the symptoms of cold, take 1-2 teaspoons of this syrup. Take it 3-5 times a day.


This syrup should not be given to children under the age of 1. Also, don’t consume this drink if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

Health benefits of the ingredients 


Honey has powerful antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory activity. Honey acts as a natural antibiotic. It strengthens the white blood cells and improves their function. Make sure you buy an organic honey.


Cinnamon has a potent antioxidant activity which prevents free radical damage. This herb also has a soothing effect on your body. It eases coughs, colds, and sore throat.

Coconut oil 

Coconut oil is a rich source of lauric acid. Lauric acid kills harmful pathogens like viruses, bacteria, and fungi.


Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C and flavonoids. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin which supports the function of your immune system. This fruit reduces inflammation and strengthens your blood vessels.

We hope you find this article useful.

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