New Studies Reveal: Breast Cancer Can Return Years After the “Clear” stage

The findings of a new study out of England have blown another hole in the conventional cancer therapy tale, revealing that women who go through typical methods like chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer quite often see the dangerous disease return in some cases up to 20 years after they were supposedly “cured.”.

As part of their examination, researchers from Oxford University looked at 88 separate clinical trials involving a complete of 62,923 females who were treated for breast cancer. From this data they surmised that breast cancer often lies “inactive” in women’s bodies even after therapy has finished, which is why many conventional oncologists advise their patients to continue taking hormone drugs like tamoxifen to keep tumors at bay.

A woman who has earlier been “cleared” of breast cancer may take tamoxifen for several years post-chemotherapy and seem fine– until she quits taking the tamoxifen. This is when breast cancer can all of a sudden reemerge, perhaps even several decades later, resulting in a second breast cancer diagnosis.

” Every patient received pill treatments such as tamoxifen or aromatase inhibitors which block the effects of estrogen or shut off the hormone’s supply,” stated DailyMail Online Medical Correspondent Ben Spencer about the study’s participators. “After five years of therapy, their cancers had gone and they stopped taking the drugs.”.

” But monitoring the women’s progress revealed recurrences of the disease up to 15 years later, 20 years after initial diagnosis.”.

So while women who were in the past diagnosed with breast cancer are now living longer many thanks to drugs like tamoxifen, this survival comes with a cost. It looks like though such drugs are only a temporary solution and that they don’t, in fact, cure cancer, but rather mask it for an uncertain time period as long as women keep taking them.

” It is remarkable that breast cancer can remain dormant for so long and then spread many years later, with this risk remaining the same year after year and still strongly related to the size of original cancer and whether it had spread to the lymph nodes,” stated lead research Dr. Hongchao Pan about the results.

Chemotherapy is a frequently useless treatment method for cancer that, in many cases, can result in cancer to get worse and spread.

Cancer industry remains to keep women in the dark about the cancer prevention benefits of a healthy diet and regular exercise.

One might think that such results would trigger the cancer establishment to rethink what it means to treat cancer in the modern age. Perhaps we need something more adequately effective than just poison and medicines to “cure” people from among one of the most terrible diseases of our time,

But that’s not where the conversation regarding breast cancer is going at this point. In fact, instead of start recommending that women alter their diets to prevent cancer triggers like plastics chemicals, genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) and sugar, as a few instances, cancer “experts” are now suggesting that women simply continue their hormone prescriptions consistently to avoid suffering a reappearance of breast cancer later on down the road.

That’s right: No mention of diet or lifestyle can be found in this latest research study on the effectiveness of modern-day cancer treatments. Rather, women are likely going to be told to continue going with the status quo– after all, there’s a whole lot of money to be made in peddling poison and pills as opposed to diet and exercise.The same is true for mastectomies, which generate billions of dollars in profits for cancer specialists, even when females don’t actually need them.

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