Now you can eat garlic as much as you want. This drink neutralizes its smell!

Garlic has many health benefits; it’s often called the most powerful natural antibiotic. But, as we know it, garlic also has an unordinary smell and aroma and not everyone can stand it.

However, for those of who like to eat it, can get an intense stench that apparently nothing and no one can remove.
As usual, science has the answer why garlic provokes such a reaction. The main reason why the smell occurs is the way garlic breaks down in our bodies.
When we consume garlic, while digesting in our body, it releases an enzyme called allicin. The enzyme allicin has a very strong odor and because of its sulfur compounds can be retained in the body up to 24 hours. The main reason for this is the fact that the gas is absorbed into the blood and transferred to the lungs, where we exhale it. It can also be excreted through the pores in the skin, which explains the long lasting smell of garlic.
That’s why chewing gums and mouthwash doesn’t help to remove the smell – the smell remains in the lungs.
Apparently, the best option to remove the garlic smell from your body is with LEMON JUICE. Lemon juice neutralizes the enzymes and puts an end to a bad breath.
Therefore, drink sugar free lemonade after a meal which contains garlic, try chewing gum lemon flavored or eat a lemon pie dessert. That’s the only way to end the bad smell, and trust me, it works.

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