They were obese and determined to lose weight. Together they lost 360 pounds!

This couple is awesome.

They have made their weight loss decision at midnight on 1 January 2016. The result – more than 100 pounds on the scales.

Lexi Reed and Danny 18 months ago decided that it was time to lose weight. They began to practice, watch what they eat and most importantly, supporting each other every step of their hard times.

The result was spectacular. Since January last year, the couple lost weight, a total of 360 pounds!

#throwbackthursday to the couple that weighed a combined 765lbs just last year, and hardly took couple before photos. Throwback to the couple who spent most of their nights on the couch watching Netflix and eating, instead of talking. Throwback to the couple that knew there was more out there in life for them, but after dating for 10 years had gotten comfortable and put on weight together. Throwback to the couple that stayed together since highschool despite the people who didnt understand why they were together, and the man who never once judged me for my size. Throwback to the couple that decided they were Fedup and ready to change for themselves, each other, their health, and to be ablw to have a future family. Together @dannyreed5 & I have lost 362lbs with diet/exercise since last year. We may have lost 362lbs but we have gained a new life and relationship. We are now able to do all the things that weren't possible last year together such as hiking, biking, walking, going to theme parks, so much more than when life was passing by on the couch. We are now capable of growing old together, have a family, and living life. Weightloss has brought us closer together as a couple now that food isnt the general focus of our relationship, and we aren't wasting another second. We have dedicated this summer to be a bucket list summer to do all the things we couldn't do before. Life is out there waiting for you, start today! #weightloss #weightlossjourney #fitspo #transformation #diet #dietbet #goals #motivation #obesetobeast #fattofit #extremeweightloss #gym #anytimefitness #fitnessmotivation #weightlosstransformation #workout #exercise #gymlife #inspire #mealprep #lowcarb #countingcalories #foodie #losingweight #plussize #effyourbeautystandards #fitcouple #swolemate #extremeweightloss #gym #family

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Their plan was clear and without shortcuts. No pain, no gain.

– We started to count calories, set goals, exercised five times a week. Without surgery, nutritionist, personal trainer, pills or meal plan. We were ready for change and to live a healthier life – wrote Danny on Instagram.

Lexi also documented their weight loss progress on social networks.

#throwbackthursday to 485lbs ago in the same gym. Throwback to the girl who walked into the gym with her head held high. Throwback to the girl who pushed herself to do 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical five times a week and to be the hardest worker in the room. Throwback to the girl who decided she was fedup, started changing her lifestyle & learning to cook/count calories and fought obesity. Throwback to the girl who had to mentally think about so many daily activities due to her weight it was exhausting. Throwback to the girl who decided to fight for her life, if only she knew how much could change in less than a year 1/2. Love who ive been, and love even more who I'm becoming. We all start somewhere, start today! #goals #motivation #fit #fitfam #obesetobeast #weightloss #weightlossjourney #motivation #fattofit #swolemate #fitcouple #dietbet #diet #selflove #plussize #effyourbeautystandards #fitspo #countingcalories #motivation #fitness #gym #anytimefitness #fitspo #losingweight #weightlosstransformation #transform #gymlife #fitnessmotivation #diet #thickfit #gym #transformationtuesday #dietbet #fatgirlfedupsdietbet #extremeweightloss #anytimefitness

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When she started with the new regime, she had about 400 pounds. She decided to exercise at least 30 minutes five times a week. I learned how to count calories, cook healthy meals and takes care of my body.

She published her old photo on Instagram when she had about 400 pounds with this quote: “Throwback to the girl who walked into the gym with her head held high.”

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