OMG! Butt implants gone wrong … How does it look like?

The increase in the buttocks with implants is becoming increasingly popular worldwide and many girls lie under the knife of insufficiently skilled surgeons.

New viral video shows one of the risks of that kind of operations, particularly how bad may look the implants.

On this video you will see how the implant turns in the buttock and believe me, it’s not nice to look at. The girl says: “I think the implant shouldn’t be doing this. It’s not supposed to move.”

Butt implants gone wrong

Butt implants gone wrong

The video was posted with the following message: “This is the danger of buttocks implants… Ladies, never put silicone injections; they are toxic to the body. Implants are not any better, there is a big risk of infection, displacement of the implant and it feels like stones. There’s no need to mention that it does not look natural. Please love the skin you’re in”

Butt implants gone wrong

A plastic surgery consultant believes that it’s quite possible moving the implant if the operation is not properly completed.

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