Putting a Raw, Cut Onion in Your Sock Cures Everything?

Have you ever placed an onion slice close to you to avoid coughing?

If you haven’t, you must have heard of it.

We all remember the disbelief, even the laughter, of the first time we were told this remedy, as well as the surprise that it worked.

The success of the remedy is because the onion purifies the air and therefore makes it more breathable and when we have an incessant cough, this vegetable acts with an almost miraculous effectiveness.

The only drawback is the smell that pervades the room. To neutralize it, we have endless natural or chemical air fresheners.

The onion has extraordinary qualities, which explains its privileged role within traditional medicine. All cultures offer recipes with onion as the protagonist.

And now we want to find out why it’s good to sleep with an onion slice in the feet.

Why on the feet?

The feet are forgotten in terms of health. Usually we notice them when they hurt or tingle with circulatory problems.

This circumstance leads us to ignore that in the soles of the feet we have a great amount of nerve endings connected with the vital organs.

The connection centers are called meridians. They correspond with acupuncture points. They contain great electrical power, so when we stimulate them, we have quick access to the rest of the body.

Therefore, if we place pieces of onion on the soles of the feet, we will put all its properties (purifying, antiseptic …) in direct contact with our interior to keep it in full shape.

Benefits of sleeping with an onion on your feet

Stay with us and you will discover some of the innumerable advantages of this fantastic remedy:

Farewell to infections

It is a natural antibiotic. If it’s placed on the sole of the foot, you will reach any place affected by the infection.

However, this doesn’t mean that it’s a substitute for the antibiotics prescribed by your doctor, but it will help you to make your treatment more effective and faster.

Elimination of toxins

Toxins are all those residues that we have in the blood that damage our health by accumulating. Thanks to the phosphoric acid of the onion, which acts like a magnet for toxic substances and helping your body to remove them.

Thus, by doing this regularly, you will be able to improve your health in the long term.

Hydrate your body

Did you know that 90% of the composition of the onion is water? If we look at the points of acupuncture, the electrical energy of the meridians will take all the water that our body needs so that we reach the desirable levels.

With this in mind, sleeping with an onion on the feet is highly recommended for those who find it hard to drink water during the day, either for work or for habit.

Boost your immune system

The onion is rich in vitamins E and C, essential for our defenses. In addition, these vitamins are great antioxidants, which means they slow down cellular aging.

Thus, you will be applying an anti-aging treatment without medical operations , or artificial chemicals.

Instructions for sleeping with an onion on the feet

  • While there are many types of onions, the most appropriate are the white and the purple. Choose the one you find most easily.
  • Cut it into slices and place them right in the arch of the sole of the foot, since there are the meridians.
  • Wear a pair of socks and go to sleep!

As we said before, the biggest annoyance to do this is the smell of onion that stays on the skin.

If you also notice smell in your room, prepare an infusion of citrus and cloves. Put it on the bedside table or in a bedroom furniture and little by little, it will disappear.

Also you have sprayers that prevent unpleasant odors.

This trick is a guarantee of safe success. You can do this once a week, as a way to renew the energy, after a hard week of work. However, it is advisable to do it daily.

You will not have side effects in any case. Only benefits.

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