Are you Ready for the Sex of the Future?

Often, when you think about the societies of the future, you talk about flying cars, intelligent robots, but … have you ever wondered how the future sex will be?

According to the futurist Ian Pearson, by 2050, humans will be more interested in robots than people. In addition, virtual and augmented reality will allow you to fulfill sexual fantasies without being unfaithful to your partner or having an active sex life even if you don’t have a love relationship.

But, beware, can technology supplant reality? Sexologist Nuria believes that sexual intercourse will not change as much as she maintains that “it is true that we are increasingly influenced by technology and therefore perhaps we have more tools for a greater enjoyment of sexuality.”

Orgasms by distance

Sexting? Cybersex? It is a thing of the past considering that by 2050 we can enjoy pleasure from a distance. Yes, yes, as you read, there are those who already investigate to achieve virtual orgasms.

A group of scientists from London City University have presented at various trade shows Kissenger, a gadget with a real mouth shape that allows virtual oral sex. How? The device reproduces the movements from a person, at a distance,that makes with his tongue and mouth. A revolutionary idea but, in the eyes of the Nuria, would make us lose the essence of sex because “sexuality is much more than just sex, orgasm and physical pleasure.”

Sex Robots

According to AI Robotics and the Future of Jobs of the Pew Reserch Center, by 2050 androids could get into our bed. David Levy and Adrian Cheok have put forth I-Friend, a robot with hot body, emotions, personality, moving lips and even intelligent sex organs. However, the sexologist Nuria Jorba insists that “the most important part of sexuality is emotionality, connection, complicity, feeling wanted, giving and receiving pleasure and, all that, a technological device cannot give us . They can never become a substitute. ”

Substitutes or not, what is your opinion? reality or fiction?

And most importantly, will we succeed in conquering robots to maintain relations with us?

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