Red Wine or Brownie for Cheat Day – Which is a Better Option?

Losing weight is, above all, a matter of balance, way of life.

Sure you eat healthy most of the time and incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet. But let’s face it, after a week hard days of work and training sessions … you deserve a little reward!

And the big question now is …

What’s the temptation you’re going to take with you tonight? A glass of wine or a chocolate brownie? (If you have been very good during the week, perhaps you could choose both!).

Here are the pros and cons of these two delights so that you choose smart and without giving up to fulfill your weight goals.


We started with good news. Chocolate is good for health. And we do not say it, but the dietician Susan Bowerman:”Cocoa flavanols are considered heart-healthy because they help lower blood pressure and fats in the blood.” Unfortunately, the benefits of chocolate are outweighed by the high fat and sugar content that most brownies have and that make them lose nutritional benefits.


In moderation, a glass of wine has positive health effects. “Red wine contains polyphenols and antioxidants that can boost immune function and improve blood vessel flexibility,” says dietitian Kelly Johnston.

In addition, according to several researches the natural compound resveratrol of the red wine improves the control of sugar in the blood and lowers the levels of cholesterol and the blood pressure, besides to sharpen the memory and to promote anti-cancer effects.

Okay, it’s hard to resist a brownie but it is better having a glass of wine; it will last a lot longer than the chocolate dessert.

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