Salt is dangerous for the human body, and here is why!

The things that we eat excessively are bad, and this especially applies to salt.

The human body requires a bit of salt every day because it contains sodium, which plays an important part in our body. It regulates the volume of fluids in the body and helps the uptake of other nutrients in the cells of the body. It also influences the normal pH values or acid-based levels of the blood.

The human body cannot produce salt, which means that you need to ingest it in order to have the adequate amounts of it in your body. When those amounts are higher, however, it can become dangerous for your health, because it will start damaging your kidneys. Salt also promotes water retention which adds to the overall weight of the body.

It is recommended that you take no more than five grams of salt during the day. To put things into perspective, one teaspoon of salt contains about six grams.

Why should you limit your intake of salt?

Damages the kidneys

In order to keep a proper balance of fluids, the body needs just a small amounts of salt. But, excessive levels of sodium are never good, because sodium will start to damage your kidneys.

Too much salt will cause your kidneys to retain water in an attempt to dilute the sodium into your bloodstream, which places the load on the kidneys and of course, it affects their function.

Increases blood pressure

The leading cause of cardiovascular diseases is high blood pressure, and high consumption of salt is among the most common reasons for high blood pressure.

A high level of salt in your body will cause a decrease in the levels of nitric oxide, which means that your blood flow will encounter more resistance because the blood vessels will be constructed.

Raises the risk of stomach cancer

High intake of salt is connected to an increased risk of stomach cancer. According to the World Cancer Research Fund, salt and salty foods are one of the main causes of stomach cancer.

A diet that contains too much salt can prevent the activity of the genes in the stomach, which will make the symptoms even more severe. Also, if you eat too much salt, the cancer treatment will be much less effective.

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