Why You Shouldn’t Drink That Water You Found in the Car?

How many times have you drank water you found in your car and you weren’t sure how old it is?

A large number of people decide to drink that bottle anyway, because water has no expiration date or time, but they make a serious mistake!

The car that was parked all day in the sun, cannot have a good effect on the liquid.

Specifically, if the air temperature is 30 degrees, in the car will be 45 after half an hour in the parking lot. And in the summer in the hottest days’ temperature in your car can reach to 70 degrees. You know how it’s difficult to sit in the car when is very hot and the temperature is over 40 degrees.

At that level of heat bottled water is practically cooked in the plastic.

After many researches on this topic it was shown that plastic bottles at such high temperatures emit bisphenol A which mimics estrogen secretion and produces an imbalance of hormones. Also is associated with obesity and diabetes.

Plastic bottles at high temperatures also emits metal antimony which is very dangerous to health.

Therefore, always keep plastic bottles in a cool, dry place, to avoid all these risks.

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