For Sisters, Time And Distance Don’t Matter. Sisters Are United by the Heart

For sisters, time and distance don’t matter. Those faces that share similar gestures and a same way of laughing, will return to look at each other with the complicity of always, intuiting everything that they don’t say the words and nourishing, once again of that invisible bond that inhabits of lasting form in their hearts.

We all know that the fraternal relationship is usually a unique and exceptional support system. Our brothers and sisters are those members of the family who are most likely to coexist with us throughout the life cycle. We share with them a past, some experiences and an emotional legacy that is usually built in a particular way in the case of the sisters.

The bond between sisters brings us in an instant echo of those years of childhood inhabited by the fights for clothes, for loathing to be the greatest or for hating to be “the little one”. The bond between sisters is nourished by the love that doesn’t expire, that doesn’t understand of distances and that worries each day the well-being of one for the other.

For its part, the most curious thing about the relationship between the sisters is that it’s usually something complex during the early years of childhood. However, when maturity arrives, that relationship becomes a wonderful pillar, an exceptional alliance.

We invite you to go deeper into the subject.

The sisters, between love and rivalry

It is important to specify, first, that family relationships are very complex entities and have, as usual, their own particularities. This means that, of course, not all sisters enjoy this positive and enriching bond. However, sometimes, overcoming many of these problematic situations means initiating an adequate process of personal healing.

There is a very interesting book that delves precisely into this topic. In “Brothers and Sisters Discovering the Psychology of Companionship” by the psychologist Lara Newton, she talks about this differential perspective where, on occasions, the relationship between sisters oscillates between the rivalry and the most intense affection.

Let’s look at some examples that can determine the complexity of their relationships:

-The family and educational context in which we grow can affect the relationship between the sisters (gender stereotypes, preference of one child over another …)

-In the first years, the birth order also gives to rise some difference between them. Jealousy may appear, but in turn, a protective instinct may also arise from the older sister over the smaller one.

-Growing up with one or more sisters is, in turn, going through several cycles where they mature as women, learning from each other.

Emotional support between the sisters

The years have passed and behind are those furtive readings of our sisters’ secret diaries, stealing clothes from their closets or listening to their conversations on the phone. Now, we could point the finger to the place they occupy in our soul and say out loud how essential they are in our life despite the distance, even though we inhabit our personal maps with our own families, with our own projects.

Sisters, we were born from the same tree and although our branches go in different directions, our roots remain the same.

Sisters, whether we believe it or not, are skillful strategists when conferring emotional support. The union between them goes beyond the genes, they are anchors that lie rooted in the depths of a history in common that has been knitting inextricable and lasting bonds. A glance is enough so that the emotional compasses of the sisters can intuit disappointments, sorrows or illusions.

We could say almost without equivocation, that the bond with our sisters improves our quality of life by that incombustible emotional support. They bring us security, have faith in our abilities and remind us of our defects, those that we dragged from childhood and that we have not yet transformed.

The sisters are also the ones who give us the best advice and the wisest warnings, those that have no hair on the tongue and that will never shine through their falseness or their condescension. They want the best for us and we in turn, want to have that support forever, even though we sometimes argue and face certain aspects of the past.

Now, at maturity, our sisters can also make us assume an equally exciting new role: that of uncles and aunts. A moment in which this network of feelings and support widens even more, discovering us again, the great treasure of having a sister.

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