How to Strengthen and Protect Your Aura

Science confirms that people draw energy from other people.

Psychic researchers also confirm that the human aura can be weakened by stress, drugs, alcohol, unbalanced diet, lack of physical exercise, smoking, and not getting enough sleep. The aura is a colorful energy field which encloses all human beings. There are people who can steal your power, energy, and soul, but you shouldn’t allow them to bring you down.

How can you protect and strengthen your aura?

Prevent energy drain 

Needy and negative people can often drain your energy. After talking to these people, you feel exhausted, sluggish, irritable, and weak. The worst thing is that you are not even aware of that. They are like vampires who suck your energy and you shouldn’t let them be close to you. But, don’t start blaming them immediately. Instead, solve the situation without saying anything about it. You are in control of your life. Prevent energy drain by closing your energy circuit.

How to do that?

First, put your hands on your lap. Then, cross your ankles and touch your fingers. This is how you close your circuit. In this way, you will keep your energetic boundaries. Stay in this position next time you feel that someone leaves you upset. If you have this attitude, other people might think that you are not nice as you used to be. But, you have to clear your space and prevent losing your energy.

Easy breathing technique 

Your aura needs fresh air. To maintain your energy, you should breathe through your nostrils. Breathing through your mouth is not healthy and affects your energy field. Your nose acts as a filter which purifies the air you breathe in. Breathing through your mouth increases the risk of illnesses. Moreover, breathing cold air through your mouth increases the risk of inflammation of your respiratory organs. You need to focus on the tip of your nose and your nasal area in order to strengthen your aura.

According to yoga techniques, the most useful breathing technique is breathing through one nostril and then breathe through the other one. Also, make sure you are focused on the tip of your nose. Hold your nose with your thumb. Start with your right thumb and fingers. Then, breathe out. Put your tongue behind your teeth. Now, close your right nasal passage with your right thumb. Count to four and breath in through your left nostril. Then, close your left nostril with your other fingers. At the same time, hold your nose closed and count to 16. Open your right nasal passage by releasing your thumb. Keep your left nostril closed. Then, count to ten and breathe out your right nostril. Now, raise your left hand and close your left nostril. Count to four and breathe in through your right nostril. Count to sixteen and close your nose with your fingers. Then, open your right nostril. Keep your left nostril closed, breathe out and count to eight. Practice this technique 4-5 times on each side.

Purify your auric field 

Do this exercise before you go to sleep. This exercise will only take up 5 minutes of your time. First of all, sit and relax. Use the previous technique to prepare yourself for exercise. In this way, you will adapt to your energies. Try to visualize a formation of crystalline white fire about twenty feet above your head. First, you should imagine it small. Then imagine it big. It should be big enough to surround your energetic field. Imagine the funnel’s small end as if enters through your head’s crown. Imagine the fire spinning and rotating clockwise. Imagine that this spiritual fire is destroying the negative vibes you have absorbed. You should feel like the negative energy gets out of your body through your feet into the ground.

Thank you for your attention.

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