SUGAR WAXING: Is it really that better than regular waxing ?

Best way to remove unwanted hair on the body: Sugar waxing

Sugar waxing is an old natural method of removing unwanted hair on the body. This type of waxing is gentle for the skin and causes less pain and irritation, compared with the ordinary waxing wax. The sugar composition for waxing was prepared from sugar, water and lemon juice, and can be used as sugar paste or gel.


  • 2 cups sugar
  • ¼ cup of water
  • ¼ cup of lemon juice


Put the ingredients in a pot. Before you add the lemon juice make sure it has no pulps. Place the pot on medium fire and stir. At the beginning the mixture is white then it becomes translucent. Once the mixture begins to boil, reduce the fire. The sugar mixture must boil quietly and you must constantly stir. The liquid will slowly begin to change color, but because of the bubbles that are created on the surface, you will hardly be able to see the color change. Therefore, from time to time, move the pot from the fire to see exactly what color it is. Honey color is the indicator of the ready mixture.

To make sure that the mixture is ready, take a cup of cold water and put a small amount from the mixture in the cup. If the ball of the sugar mixture dissolves immediately in the cup, continue to boil, otherwise the mixture is ready.

Allow the mixture to cool slightly then put it in another bowl. Once the mixture is completely cool, take part of it in your hand and start to squeeze it with your fingers. While you are stretching the mixture through your fingers, the mixture will have the look of gum.


You don’t have to use paper towels. Just take some of the mixture apply in the opposite direction of the hair growth and drag in the direction in which your hair grows.

For the most effective hair removal, follow these steps:

Make sure your skin is completely clean. Take a shower just before sugaring to remove all dirt and natural oils that are stacked on the skin. Apply a very thin layer of baby powder on the skin. The powder helps to reduce the moisture of the skin, and the sugar paste is not too sticky to the skin which reduces the pain.

Apply sugar paste opposite of the direction of hair growth. Then with a quick pull move in reverse. The hair on your legs should not be very long. Start with applying a paste on a smaller area. Once you master the technique, you will become bolder and faster. You can use medical gloves because the mixture may stick to your hands.

Sugar mixture does not irritate the skin so much as a wax, so you can apply mixture again in you missed some hair.

At the end, remove the remains of the mixture with warm water.

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