Technique every woman dreams about: Try the CHINESE 9 and you’ll be the best she’s ever had!

No matter how innovative and interesting you are when it comes to sex, sometimes it happens that you simply run out of ideas and you’re forced to return to the old and boring sex poses and techniques.

As we know it, it is not very easy to constantly learn and discover something new, try new poses and design new ways to acknowledge satisfaction, but this time we have the perfect technique for you that will cause “madness” to both of you.

I hope you are already asking WHAT THIS IS ABOUT? The Chinese 9 is a technique that consists a series of shallow and deep penetrations into the vagina. Shallow penetration involves inserting 1/3 of the penis, while deep penetration means 1/1 of the penis. These penetrations can be performed in five to six series.

According to this system, the penis goes 9 shallow and 1 deep penetration in a cycle. You have to do at least five cycles and your girl will be satisfied and will experience a passionate orgasm.

The technique is performed with relaxed mind and loosen body. You can repeat a single cycle as many times as you want, and you can decide on deep penetration, for example, when your partner gets vaginal contractions just before orgasm.

Remember that is highly important to be spontaneous, gentle; you can increase the pleasure with circular or rhythmic hip movements in both directions.


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