Tips on Preventing Flaccid Arms

There are many people who are not satisfied with the flaccidity that shows the lower part of their arms.

As the years pass, our skin loses part of its properties, being relevant the progressive loss of elastin and collagen, substances that gives the elasticity of our skin. The result is clear: the lower arm is flaccid and falls by its own weight.

Fattening is another condition that can cause the appearance of flaccid skin, but even with losing weight there is no guarantee that our arms will regain their firmness, hence it’s very common to see thin people with this problem.

How to Tone Arms

Same like quit smoking or weight loss, to tone and reaffirm your arms you need good doses of perseverance, willpower, daily exercise and healthy eating. If in addition to this, you rely on a positive mentality you have everything necessary to put an end to this problem.

Recommended healthy diet

Your diet should include protein because it’s very important for your muscles. You can include in your diet skimmed milk, meat, fish, healthy carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits and vegetable fats like olive oil, food that brings great benefits to your health.

Recommended Exercises

Exercise 1

The most effective exercises to reaffirm our muscles are those of resistance. For this we can use weights of 2 to 10 kilos, according to our physical state and how we are accustomed to use them.

Standing, with your legs open the width of your hip, we hold, with arms stretched on each side of the body, a dumbbell in each hand. Keeping our elbows glued to the ground, we begin to lift the weights (with the palm of the hand facing downwards) until they are parallel to the ground. Do at least 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Exercise 2

Lying on the floor with knees bent and feet on the surface, we extend the arms perpendicular to our body, holding a dumbbell in each hand. We bend our elbows and carefully lower the weights until they are parallel to our body. We return to the original position and repeat. Minimum 2 sets of 10 repetitions.

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