Top 10 Golden Rules of the Gym

You will want to print and place them on your gym door

Sure you’ve heard of the “dresscode” to go to a party, but does the gymcode sound anything to you? The “unwritten” rules of coexistence in a gym are very little known. But if everyone followed simple rules, the gym would be a happier place. Imagine it just for a moment: goodbye to dumbbell search and rescue missions, annoying noises, endless waits … Sounds pretty good right?

1.Better without moaning

A little noise is acceptable, but a super moan? We don’t know whether to congratulate you on the weight you have lifted or the orgasm you’ve had.

2.Avoid strong perfumes

If your colony isn’t light or fresh, better without it. Of course: never forget your deodorant.

3.Use only one machine

Don’t pick up more than one machine or more than one dumbbell. Leave something for others.

4.Put your weights back in their original place when you finish

Because you looking for a dumbbell in the gym, that shouldn’t be comparable to the pursuit of the treasure … so It doesn’t cost you anything to keep some order!

5.Don’t be annoying

If you want to use the dumbbells and someone is using them, ask if you have a lot or do another exercise. Don’t stand there and watching with negative energy.

6.Mobile phones should be banned

Training is the time of disconnection and discharge of the day. Come on, sure you can hold on until you’re done training!

7.Drop your weights gently

If you have the strength to lift them, you also have the strength to not throw them. It costs nothing to let them fall gently, without making a hole in the ground.

8.Cover your private parts

It doesn’t matter if you are in the locker room or doing the dog’s posture in the yoga class. We don’t want to see them!

9.Do nоt occupy the gym with your belongings

It’s great that you go to the gym well prepared; With your bottle, your towel, your gloves … but don’t be expansive. The less space you occupy in the gym floor,the better.

10.Clean your training zone

Once you have finished your training; Return the dumbbells, clean the machine if you have sweated … No one likes to find the gym dirty or cluttered!

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