Try These Tibetan Exercises! They will Rejuvenate Your Body

The exercises that we are going to talk about today, are very light, and they can be performed in bed immediately after waking up. These exercises can be performed by people of all ages, but they are especially beneficial for people that are older.

-You need to rub your hands for a few seconds until they become hot. It is a really simple exercise that will help you get rid of all the diseases and disorders.

-When your hands are hot, put them on your eyes. Pressure the eyes 30 times. After that hold your hands over your eyes for half a minutes. If you are a person that has a bad eyesight, you need to hold the hands over your eyes for two minutes. Over time, this exercise will help you correct your vision.

-Put your hands on your ears and press them 30 times in 30 seconds. If it hurts at the beginning, that means that there is some chronic inflammation. If this is the case, it will take longer to get rid of the inflammation but do this every day and you will remove it. This exercise will also improve your hearing.

-In order to do a face-lift, you need to put the finger behind your ears and then clench your hands into a fist. Start face-lifting from the chin to the ears, while applying a strong pressure. You need to do this 30 times. This exercise will help you improve your blood flow, and you may also feel that your face is sweaty. This will improve the lymphatic flow and it will tighten your skin.

-Massage your forehead. You need to put your right hand on the left side of your forehead and your left hand on the right side of your forehead. Then rub your forehead. You need to repeat this 30 times. It will activate the pituitary gland and it will improve the function of your sinuses.

-The next exercise involves a head massage. It works on the parietal part of the head. All you need to do is to “fly” your hands over your head in a circular motion, 30 times. This head massage will normalize the levels of your blood pressure.

-Put your right hand on your thyroid gland and run up and down from the throat to the end of your abdomen 30 times. This will improve the function of your thyroid gland.

-Put your hands on your stomach and then with your right hand, massage down on your stomach, and with your left hand – up. You should make circular-counterclockwise motions 30 times. This exercise will normalize the work of your abdominal organs.

-Put your feet and hands up and then rotate your hands in the wrist and your feet in the ankle, 30 times. After you are finished, shake them. It will improve the blood circulation in your capillaries, and the small channels that are responsible for the energy flow will be cleaned.

-Put your hands on your feet and massage. Massage your feet, but be careful because if you experience any pain, it means that you should apply low pressure. If you don’t feel pain, then apply stronger pressure. Massage for 30 seconds.

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