In the 20th century, 1988 was very important because the American doctor Hulda Clark came to a powerful discovery in the field of medicine.

While she was alive, she cured more than a 20.000 people from cancer and other serious diseases. The substance of her therapy is fight against the parasites. She declares that the reasons for many incurable diseases are the parasites.  

Hulda Clark discovered many recipes that helped eliminate these harmful microorganisms and helped in curing cancer and other serious diseases.


Doctor Clark is a known philosopher, biophysicist and author of many books about alternative medicine. She studied at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada and majored in medicine, than she got her Master of Arts in biology. In 1958, from the University of Minnesota she got doctorate degree in the field of physiology.

In 1988 she found the technology for scanning the body for presence of pathogenic microorganisms. That’s called SYNCROMETER – device that recognizes microorganisms fast and other harmful matters in the human body. The Syncrometer works by detecting resonance. Everything in our universe has its own frequency.

The existence of parasites, viruses and bacteria in the human body can be detected by using frequency. With the help of the syncrometer, Dr. Clark realized that the reason for many “irremediable” diseases is – the parasites.

In 1993, she published a book – “THE CURE FOR ALL CANCERS”, in which has an explanation for the correlation between cancer and the FASCIOLOPSIS BUSKI parasite. Fasciolopsis buski parasite was established in everyone that had cancer. When this parasite was destroyed, the cancer would be gone. In order to cure her patients, Hulda made an anti-parasite formula that includes wormwood, cloves and black walnut. This kind of medicament could get rid of more than a hundred types of parasites. The mixture could kill not only the grown parasites but their eggs and larva as well. By using the anti-parasite scheme, Hulda Clark cured thousands of people from cancer and other incurable diseases.

Dr. Clark maintained her research and she presents new method – ZAPPER – electronic device that extinguishes the parasites, viruses and bacteria in the human body by using micro-current.  Long before Hulda Clark, many doctors knew that the microorganisms can’t stand electricity that has a specific frequency. This is also true about other bacteria, viruses, fungi and pathogenic cells. Even though the frequencies had disastrous power over the pathogenic organisms, they were not harmful to the human body.  This area of medicine is called Biorezonance Medicine. The Bioresonance Medicine, in some countries like Russia, is officially accepted as a part of the conventional medicine.

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