White Spots on Nails: Causes and Remedies for White Fingernails

A white spot on fingernail is very common, everyone at some point in their lives experiences them.  They can mean different things, but they always tell you that something’s not right. It’s very important to know what causes them and do something to cure them.

Causes of white spots on nails

Nail injuries
An injury to the base of the nail, which is also known as the matrix, can result in the appearance of these white spots on the nails. They don’t appear right after the injury, so you might not think that they are caused by it. Types of injuries that can be the cause for these spots are banging the finger on the door, or the countertop or with a hammer.

Frequent manicures can also injure the nail.Infection. White spots can also be a sign that your nail is suffering from an infection such as a fungus, yeast or mold. These types of spots often develop near the cuticle or at the tip of the nail rather than in the middle. As these spots grow out it can cause the nail to flake or split as well.

Allergic reactions
An allergy to a nail polish, gloss, hardener, or nail polish remover may cause white spots on your nails. The use of acrylic or gel nails can also badly damage your nails and may cause these white spots.

Vitamin deficiency. You may also be suffering from a vitamin deficiency that can cause white spots to develop on the nails. Women who are suffering from a calcium deficiency tend to develop these kinds of white spots. A deficiency in zinc can also cause spots on the nails. These symptoms are usually coupled with other symptoms such as dry, brittle hair that falls out.

Serious condition. It is extremely important to see a doctor if you notice any discolorations in your nails. The earlier you see the doctor the more likely it is to treat the condition effectively. Like white spots on the nails can be the sign of a serious condition. Some infectious diseases such as malaria or herpes can cause white spots to appear on the nails. Exposure to a bacterial infection can also cause spots to appear on the nails, as can exposure to arsenic.

Treatments for White Spots on Nails
If the white spots on your nails are infrequent and are not paired with any other symptoms then treatment may not be necessary. The spots will disappear as the nail grows out, and then you can simply clip off the part of the nail that is damaged.

Change of diet. These white spots tend to appear if you are not getting enough vitamin C in your body. Increasing your intake of calcium and vitamin C can help you decrease your chances of developing spots on the nails. You can also take a zinc supplement to help increase the health of your nails.

See a doctor. When spots on the nails are coupled with other signs of stress such as an infection, disease or exposure to bacteria then you may need to seek medical attention. Your doctor can prescribe medication that will help alleviate your symptoms which will then cause the white spots on your nails to stop appearing. However, this will not remove the spots which are already present. You will need to wait for these to grow out.

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