9 Unbelievable and amazing reasons why you should start eating celery in the evening

Celery is one of the most versatile vegetables in the garden, known its flavorful seeds and pale green leaves and stalks. It’s a member of Apiaceae family with parsnips, fennel, and parsley.

It takes part of many dishes as part of the preparation ingredients. It is very good to introduce this vegetable in your everyday diet, and here are a list of great benefits that this vegie will offer to the body:

1. Alleviates and decreases inflammation

Celery is rich in antioxidants and polyphenol, so it is great remedy for treating inflammation and joint pain. Also, it helps the case of asthma, and treats acne, as it contains salicylic acid which eliminates follicular clog.

2. Removes bad cholesterol

Celery possesses butylphthalide, which reduces LDL, ‘bad’ cholesterol, which causes high blood pressure. Taking only 2 stalks of celery a day can reduce LDL by up to 7%!

3. Enhances digestion

Celery is abundant in water and insoluble fiber and it effectively regulates digestion and makes celery super diuretic.

4. Reduces high blood pressure

Due to its active compounds are known as phthalides, celery boosts the circulation by at least 14% and reduces the number of stress hormones in the blood.

5. Supports vision

A celery stalk provides 10% of daily vitamin A, which prevents eyesight from aging, and protects the eyes.

6. Helps you lose weight

Celery is very low in calories, only 10 calories and contains plenty of water, so its consumption will keep you full and help you lose extra pounds.

7. Fights stress

Celery is rich in magnesium, mineral that fights stress. The consumption of this vegetable will soothe the nervous system and will also help you fall asleep easily.

8. Regulates alkaline balance

Celery prevents the acidic state in the body and regular intake maintain a balance of the Ph levels in the body.

9. Fights cancer

Celery has a flavonoid known as luteolin which delays the formation of breast cancer cells, and inhibits the growth of cancer cells, especially in the case of the pancreas and colorectal cancer.

Additional advice:
Remember that the darker the color of the celery, the stronger the taste.
Steam the celery for best effects, as in this way, you will manage to preserve its original taste and up to 99% of its nutrients. The nutrients will be also better preserved if you chop it while fresh and store them in the fridge.

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