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The best ways to boost metabolism if you are over 40 years old

Metabolism is all the physical and chemical processes that happen in the body which keep us functioning normally like breathing, blood circulation and nerve function.

To carry out these processes, our body converts energy from the food we eat. Chemicals in our digestive system break down food into fuel, which is either used immediately or stored in the body’s tissues.

Hormones and the nervous system control our metabolism. When we consume food, digestive enzymes break down carbohydrates, fats and proteins into a form that the body can use for growth or energy.
Still, as the years’ pass, metabolism slows down and the extra pounds are here.

Losing weight after 40 is really difficult, and it needs constant work and diet. You can help your body and make some changes and you will boost your metabolism, energy level and you will feel refreshed and young.

Follow these five steps in order to enhance the metabolism:
1. Adequate Diet

The first step you need to do id to make changes in diet. Consume more food rich in essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins such as fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products.

Avoid carbohydrates, fast food, salt, and alcohol. Eat smaller portions and always start your day with energetic food.

2. Include More Fiber and Protein

Proteins and fiber are also needed for body and it is recommended to consume them in the morning.

They will make you feel full for a longer period, improve your digesting, boost your metabolism and energize your body.

Women ages 40 and older need at least 21 grams of fiber and 20 grams of protein daily.

3. Drink a lot of Water

We all know the recommended amount of drinking water per day is minimum eight glasses.

Water will hydrate your body, improve your digestion, and help you easily eliminate toxins and waste from your body, thus stimulate your metabolism.

4. Exercises

After 40 years, we usually lose the workout motivation, and many women give up their routine. But, losing weight without regular exercise is impossible. Start running, riding a bike, or swimming.

They will improve your cardiovascular functions, maintain your health, prevent osteoporosis, boost your mood, help you with the postmenopausal syndrome and make you lose your extra pounds.

Separate t least 30 minutes of the day.

5. Enough Sleep

Through sleep, body relieves stress, relax the muscles, and boost your mood and burn calories. After 40 you should sleep 10 hours a day.

Sleep will keep your body healthy and support the weight loss processes.

Try to import these changes in your life, and your body will be grateful!

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