Dry Brushing: Why & How To Do It

Most of us only take care of our face by cleaning and moisturizing it. But often times we forget about the skin on the other parts of our bodies.

It is important to take care of the skin because it is the largest organ, and with this one simple approach that you can add to your routine, you can tend to your skin perfectly. Dry skin brushing is a technique that can help your skin greatly and there is no reason why you shouldn’t try it.

Benefits of dry brushing

Our skin has nerves, glands and cells that go in layers. All of them protect us from harsh temperatures and chemicals. It is important to know that the skin only does that if you take care of it the right way.

It stimulates the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is the eradicator of cellular waste products that can be found in our body. It is of great importance that this system works properly, because that way it can collect waste and get rid of them. The buildup of toxins and waste can make you feel sick. Dry brushing greatly stimulates the lymphatic system and because of that it is an excellent detox aid.

It exfoliates the skin

This method is beneficial to the skin. Using dry brushing you will make your skin look younger and it will clear clogged pores, because it removes dead skin cells and dry skin.

Enhancement of the digestive system and kidneys

Dry cleaning, like in the case of the lymphatic system, goes deeper to support the kidneys and organs in general.

Invigorate yourself

Skin brushing feels good and that is the reason why many people do it. You can feel that your skin is becoming tighter and this encourages you to feel good about yourself. Because this process is meditative, it can even relieve stress.

Reduces cellulite

If you experience cellulite problems, dry brushing can be very beneficial because it distributes the fat deposits below the skin evenly. This eventually diminishes cellulite.

It is very important that you use high-quality brush, with medium stiffed, naturally made bristles. You will need to bush your skin once a day and the results will follow!

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