Do You Have an Empathetic Gift? Choose One of These Mandalas and Find Out the Details

Are you curious to find out whether you are an empath who has a powerful intuition?

If so, try this interesting test. Choose one mandala and find out something about your personality. You might have an empathetic gift.

Emphatic people have the ability to understand the feelings of other people. These people are always willing to help other people and identify with the experiences and emotions of other individuals. Psychologists say that empathy means relating to others on a deeper level.

Once you find out you are a highly sensitive person, you can work on improving your skills.

The First Mandala 

You are a nature empath. You enjoy spending time in Nature. You love flowers and greenery and the soothing atmosphere that Nature offers us. Also, you feel like you have a spiritual relationship with tree, mountains, rivers, and animals. Spending time outdoors makes you feel very powerful. You believe that Nature has great healing powers.

The Second Mandala

You are a creature empath. If you have chosen this mandala, it means that you have a deep connection with every living thing on this planet. You are always willing to help them in need. You feel like you have a deeper consciousness. Also, you feel like you carry a piece of every beautiful place with you after you leave them.

The Third Mandala 

You are a perceptive empath. You pay extremely close attention to details. Your subconsciousness gives you clues which never seem to fail. Moreover, you can even predict things. Your strong intuition can tell you whether someone is not feeling right. You are able to read other people’s energy clearly and intelligently.  But, this ability can sometimes exhaust you mentally. Therefore, you choose to be surrounded by people who support you.

The Fourth Mandala 

You are a passionate empath. If you have chosen this mandala, it means that you are generous, caring person. You even take other people’s emotions as your own. Moreover, absorbing other people’s emotions can make you feel exhausted and depressive. You often forget to take care of yourself.

The Fifth Mandala 

You are an energy empath. You are able to notice negative vibes from other people immediately. You cannot stand being in the same room with people who release negative energy. On the other hand, spending time with people who have positive energy makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

The Sixth Mandala 

You are a healer empath. You can feel the health problems other people have. You are always ready to help other people and suggest remedies for their health problems as you have a wide knowledge of alternative medicine. You have a strong sense of yourself so you are a mentally strong person.

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